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Cryptocurrency trading made simple

At Zort, we knew investing in cryptocurrency could be safer, more profitable, and more accessible to both personal and institutional investors. By utilizing an automated trading platform, Zort removes human bias and irrationality from crypto trading by leveraging the power of neural networks.


The nature of the crypto market makes it extremely difficult for investors to consistently trade profitably.

High barrier to entry, low sense of security, and extreme market volatility puts individuals at a huge disadvantage, especially in the long-run.

High-income investors stand to lose large portions of their capital should their trading decisions not be guided by data-rich neural nets.

At Zort, we knew investing in cryptocurrency could be more accessible, secure, and highly profitable for both high and low-equity traders.

We believe that investing in cryptocurrency should be as easy as pressing a button.


With Zort's simple automation, the pain-points of crypto trading, like staying glued to your computer screen searching for that perfect trade, disappear.

Additionally, Zort uses data-based decision making to consistently make positive-expected value trades that lead to compounding profits in a long-term investment portfolio.

When it comes down to it, Zort's reputation was built on concrete numbers, end-to-end security, and superior results.

Our 3 guiding principles revolve around bringing automation to the industry, simplifying cryptocurrency trading, and growing your trading portfolios at scale.


By using advanced AI and hive-mind neural networks, we eliminate the many obstacles inherent to crypto trading, making it more profitable and accessible for everyone.


Whether you're a beginner trader or an institutional investor, Zort's automation brings simplicity and accessibility to trading — our highly sophisticated AI does all the hard work for you.


Like a snowball effect, Zort scales your investment portfolio by leveraging the exponential power of positive trades and compounding profits.

Smarter, data-based trading

By aggregating large sets of market data, real-time signals, and advanced trading simulations, Zort capitalizes on speculative trading from manual traders.


Security-first principles

By building on our three core pillars of security, trust, and transparency, Zort is a leader in secure quantitative crypto trading.

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What started out as a prototype in 2016 is now the world’s first-ever leading fully autonomous crypto trading platform with an over 90% succes rate in profitability. Our mission to give everyone the ability to profit with just a press of a button has now become a reality.

We are Zort, introducing a new era of reliable, safe and secure quantitative trading.

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