Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Zort is a fully automated quantitative trading platform that is designed to generate capital through compounding formulas used against the crypto markets. Utilizing Bifrost technologies we have created an artificially intelligent network that provides complex automated portfolio management that trades with the goal of profit. We ensure client assets through twenty-four seven monitoring performed by the AI and cognitive services developed in Zort Labs.

Zort Automated Trading is a service provided by Zort, which allows users to generate capital automonously without having to decipher forecast outlooks and trade manually. It gives users with zero trading knowledge the power to trade volatile markets like crypto.

We have simplified crypto trading for new and experienced traders. Traders just have to sign up, pay for a subscription, login to our portal and sync their exchange API keys to begin automatically trading BTC, LTC, or ETH. Zort is powered by a complex network of hive-mind artificial intelligence that work together to do everything required to predict the markets, while registering users and trading.

Zort uses SHA256-TRIFOLD encryption for the highest level of security possible. Zort Servers are guarded by AI 24/7 and run using a strict protocol that can sense when a user or website visitor is malicious and instantly bans the user from the Zort network, while alerting admin via telegram.

Currently only Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, & Coinbase Prime is supported.

Simply visit the pricing page and enroll in a Zort subscription. You will be emailed instructions on how to log into the zort portal and sync your API keys. Once your coinbase pro API keys are synced you can sit back and relax, while Zort does the rest.

All funds are held on the users coinbase account. Zort Automated Trading only requires access to your wallet balances and general trading priviledges to execute buy & sell orders based on the data generated by our forecast AI. Zort cant withdraw or deposit money into your coinbase account. Coinbase has FDIC insurance protection up to $250,000 per individual in the case of an exchange breach. For more details Coinbase Insurance

API keys are the remote access keys to your account so Zort can manage your investment. To create a key pair log into Coinbase Pro and click API in the top right submenu where your name is located. From there create new API keys and keep the public & secret key safe. The public and secret key are required to sync your Coinbase account to Zort and should never be shared with anyone.

An automated Zort signal is a future round-trade detected by the forecast system urging users to enter and exit the market at specific times to generate profit and mitigate risk. A signal can be executed automatically or manually based on the traders membership type and preference.

A round trade is when you enter and exit a market.

Zort has several layers of risk management to protect traders. Our stop-loss insurance prevents users from holding during a crash and safely returns everyone to USD without influencing it.

Zort is designed to handle institutional weight and executes trades as a market maker to prevent pumping and dumping markets.

Profit is determined by market conditions and the worth of the users investment.

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