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Zort's fully-autonomous trading algorithm and market capitalization strategies outperform even the best trading experts.

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About Zort


Investing in cryptocurrency should be simple, safe and accessible to everyone.

Zort's mission is to demonstrate how automated cryptocurrency trading can be safe, more profitable, and more consistent than conventional trading methods for both personal and institutional investors.

Powered by years of historical market data and complex neural simulations, our algorithms identify and capitalize on the irrationality decision making and false pattern recognition of human crypto traders.

Why Choose Zort

Automated Simplicity

Based on your chosen risk tolerance, coins are traded directly on your behalf from your exchange accounts via secure API keys.

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Security & Control

Zort's Military-Grade Encryption and Fully-Decentralized trading platform ensures only you can see your data — nobody in-between, not even an administrator at Zort.

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Smarter Technology

In a bullish market, Zort is a profit driven machine. In a bearish market. Zort is a risk management system. You will survive and thrive in both winter and summer conditions.

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More details about Technology

Alchemist Al

A Hive-Mind Artificial Intelligence designed to analyze crypto markets and manage the network's net volume by using strategy books and specific portfolio structures to match your desired risk tolerance.

Phoenix Al

A Security Artificial Intelligence designed to protect Zort's assets, actively safeguarding its servers, neural chain, wallets, and AI technology.

Wolf Al

A Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence designed to forecast the price of BTC and other crypto markets through data aggregation and superhuman pattern recognition.

Start Trading in 3 Easy Steps

Buy Crypto

Buy crypto using an exchange like CoinBase or Binance.

Connect Zort

Plug your exchange API into Zort's Trading Platform.

Automated Profit

Select your Zort settings & You're all set, Monitor your trades as they happen.


Hello future Zorters 👋

Here’s a quick, straightforward honest review on ZORT and how it’s changing my life, literally.

I joined the Zort family 2 months ago, when I had zero prior knowledge of how the crypto market moves. I’m grateful to say that my portfolio now sits at 20k from a 5k deposit.


Hello future Zorters 👋

I have been using Zort’s Automation AI software to trade for me. Their customer service is next to none, always there helping and answering any questions you have along the journey. I have zero worry going into a big trade while using Zort. Zort's software is near perfection where it sells if the market dumps and you loose little to none vs. if you were trading by hand. Blown away by what I have started and can’t wait to continue the great journey along with the great Zort community!


Hello future Zorters 👋

Hey beautiful people! Here's a quick and honest review on Zort manual forecasts for you all! So I just joined Zort yesterday when they started accepting new members. The forecasts are very easy to learn and follow. It's like having a magic robot telling you when to enter the trade and when to exit seeing the numbers. I am pretty much very happy right now with the gains I am getting.

Starting with a small equity. Looking to gradually grow the account to get the best profits out of it.


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