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Automated Quantitative CryptoTrading At Scale

Zort's data-rich trading algorithms are an invaluable asset to institutional investors looking achieve greater returns with their crypto trading investments.

Institutional Clients that work with Zort

Zort has a diverse portfolio of institutional clients backed by years of experience handling institutional accounts. Anyone from a high net worth individual to family offices, hedge funds, and venture capitalists have all trusted Zort with their investments.

Institutional Investors

Non-bank individuals, entities or organizations (e.g. pension funds, hedge funds, and commercial banks) that buy and sell large amounts of securities on behalf of its members.

Family Offices

Private wealth management advisory firms that serve groups of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals with assets of at least US$30 million.

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

A person or family with liquid assets above a certain figure, holding financial assets (excluding their primary residence) with a value greater than US$1 million.

Wealth Managers

Individuals who manage a client's wealth through financial disciplines like investment advice, accounting, retirement planning, and more.

Venture Capitalists

Private equity investors who provide capital to companies young and old, exhibiting high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake.

Angel Groups

High Net Worth Individuals who invest in startups and entrepreneurs usually in exchange for ownership equity.


Alchemist Al

A Hive-Mind Artificial Intelligence designed to analyze crypto markets and manage the network's net volume by using strategy books and specific portfolio structures to match your desired risk tolerance.

Phoenix Al

A Security Artificial Intelligence designed to protect Zort's assets, actively safeguarding its servers, neural chain, wallets, and AI technology.

Wolf Al

A Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence designed to forecast the price of BTC and other crypto markets through data aggregation and superhuman pattern recognition.

Why Experts Prefer Zort

Trading Equity

Zort's institutional plan allows for an uncapped amount of trading equity, opening up access to further profit compounding.

Exclusive Trading Block

Institutional clients have access to exclusive trading books that are optimized to strategically time and deploy high- volume trades executed in nano-seconds.


Zort makes smarter, more consistent, and more profitable trades on your behalf by aggregating years of historical market data and advanced patten recognition technologies, significantly outperforming even the most experienced crypto traders.

Zort's Mission

Our goal is to make trading at scale profitable

Zort's mission is to make automated cryptocurrency trading safe, consistent, and exponentially more profitable than traditional investing methods by leveraging its machine learning algorithms.

Made with high-frequency trading and speculative markets in mind, our complex Al-algorithms execute nano-second-trades when market activity is low, masking large trades and preventing additional market volatility.

Ready to Get Started?

Remove irrationality from crypto trading and achieve higher returns today by leveraging Zort's powerful trading platform!

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