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Zort Power Kiosk

Re-fuel your trading by purchasing Zort Power

Select the amount of power you want to purchase






How Zort Power works

A pay-per-trade credit system designed to give users the ability to autonomously trade using Zort’s network


Add equity

Transfer the amount of money you wish to trade with to your Coinbase Pro account once you connect to Zort



In order to use Zort’s Automated Trading, users must purchase ZPWR to fuel their account


Start trading

That’s it! Re-load your ZPWR to continue trading

0.25% power fee, per round trade

Example of power fee cost structure

Equity Cost
$100 $0.25
$1000 $2.50
$10,000 $25.00
$1,000,000 $2500.00
$10,000,000 $25,000.00
Save up to 50% when staking ZORT*

Stake or burn ZORT to receive extra ZPWR bonus

ZPWR bonus is a multiplier so users will get a significant bonus ranging from 2 - 6x their initial purchase

Buy ZORT coin
Default price

1 ZPWR = $1.00 USD

Max power bonus

1 ZPWR = $0.13 USD